Our history

BŌA, with Brazilian origins and sounds, draws its inspiration directly from this rich and varied culture through all of its influences to imagine collections in collaboration with designers, street artists based in São Paulo, Brazil.

The word “BOA” which literally means “good” in Portuguese is originally an expression often used on the edges of tatami mats in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Luta Livre competitions, a word used to congratulate and encourage athletes.

Its Hang Loose logo is a rallying symbol, it promotes values ​​of openness and freedom in a fun and quirky spirit that gives the brand a unique style, an estilo de vida (Lifestyle).

Today, Bōa offers a range of products for different martial arts such as Brazilian jiu jitsu kimonos for men, women and children, Capoeira pants, Luta Livre pants, MMA shorts, rashguards …

Our collection to discover here :

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9 months ago

Over 5 years of performance and evolution side by side.

Prod. Gabriel Moreau Fernandez-Cano

To be geared up in Estilo⠀
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Our athletes

Discover some of the athletes who represent us in their respective disciplines


Gabriel FIRMINO (São Paulo, Brazil) is our official designer, a partnership in which he brings us his know-how acquired after many years of experience, it is the creative of the team who brings references of Brazilian culture in our collections.

Design and personalization of your equipment

bjj kimono

Personalized custom kimono
Adult, woman and / or child
Choice of grammage 450 or 550Gr
Cotton or Ripstop pants
Design offered
Minimum of 15 pieces

compression outfit

Custom custom rashguard
Adult, woman and / or child
Fully sublimated
Design offered
Minimum of 15 pieces

sport shorts

Custom custom shorts
Adult, woman and / or child
Fully sublimated
Design offered
Minimum of 15 pieces


Abada custom made to measure
Adult, woman and / or child
Embroidered, patched or sublimated
Design offered
Minimum of 15 pieces


15% on your 1st order

Use the code SAO PAULO during the validation of your basket to benefit from a 15% discount on the whole of your order